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The Ladies – June 8, 2018

Welcome to The Ladies for June 8, 2018!  It’s a listing of tidbits we have enjoyed reading on what is happening with women and girls around the world — along with things to do/see/read/buy.  Please click here to subscribe: Subscribe to The Ladies by Email


The Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes In the World Made $3.8 billion.  No Women Made the List
Not even tennis superstar Serena Williams made Forbes’ list of the best-paid athletes for 2018.  Click here to read the full article.

More Women with Breast Cancer May Soon be Skipping Chemo.  Here’s Why
The medical community is changing it’s recommendation on chemotherapy for women with breast cancer.  Read the full article here.


The Many Ways Women Get Left Out of Paleontology
The hurdles that prevent female fossil hunters from rising at the same rates as their male peers are myriad—but they are all interconnected
Women today make up nearly half of student members in organizations like the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, but, Ohio University paleontologist Catherine Early notes, less than one-quarter of professional members—people with staff jobs like curator or professor—are women.  Click here to read the full article.


Saudi Arabia Issues First Driving Licenses to Women
Saudi Arabia has issued driving licenses to women for the first time in decades just weeks before a ban on female drivers is lifted.  Click here to read more.

PODCAST: Listen to this Podcast “After Kate Spade’s Death, Widening The Conversation About Women’s Mental Health
Guests are Matthew Schneier, styles reporter for the New York Times; Susan Matthews, science editor at Slate; Jill Harkavy-Friedman, VP of Research for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Licensed Psychologist; Shainna Ali, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  Click here to listen.


Scientists Create Blood Test That Might Someday Predict a Woman’s Due Date
Getting an early ultrasound to figure out when your child will be born has become part and parcel of becoming a new mom in countries like the U.S. For many women living in countries with poor-quality healthcare, however, ultrasounds are rarely available or too costly to afford. But a new study published by Science on Thursday suggests there might someday be an easier, cheaper way to pin down the due date: a blood test.  Click here to read the article.

Spain’s New Leader Forms Government With Almost Two-Thirds Women
Spain’s new prime minister on Wednesday unveiled a government that has more women than men and includes a foreign minister from Catalonia who has led the fight against the region’s independence movement.  Click here to read the full article.

Dear Young Girls: Let’s Talk About Money
Here’s a cute article for girls to read on investing.  Click here to read or share.

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