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The Ladies – May 27, 2018

Welcome to The Ladies for May 27, 2018!  It’s a listing of tidbits we have enjoyed reading on what is happening with women and girls around the world — along with things to do/see/read/buy.  Please click here to subscribe: Subscribe to The Ladies by Email

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Ireland Ends Abortion Ban as ‘Quiet Revolution’ Transforms Country
It was a historic day in Ireland.  Yesterday,  their prime minister hailed the culmination of “a quiet revolution” in what was once one of Europe’s most socially conservative countries after a landslide referendum vote to liberalize highly restrictive laws on abortion.  Click here to read more. 

Brehanna Daniels is the First African American Female to Work in a Nascar Pit Crew
The Virginia native made history as the first African-American woman to pit a vehicle in a national NASCAR series race. She became the first African-American female to go over the wall in a national racing series.  Click here to read more.

Judge Judy on Women’s Salary Negotiations
Did you know that Judge Judy Sheindlin is the second highest paid TV star (just three million behind Ellen DeGeneres), earning $47 million a year.  She appeared this week on Megyn Kelly.  Click here to watch her talk about how she negotiates her salary.

Women’s arrests cast doubt on Saudi Crown Prince’s Reform
A recent crackdown on women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia has cast doubt over a much-touted reform agenda led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  At least 11 women’s rights activists have been arrested in recent weeks, according to rights groups, and are believed to be faced with counterterror charges punishable by up to 20 years in prison.  Click here to read more and watch the video.

Bonobo Females Found to Protect and Support Female Giving Birth
A team of researchers from the University of Pisa and CNRS/Université Claude Bernard Lyon has observed captive female bonobos helping one of their own give birth. In their paper published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, Elisa Demuru, Pier Francesco Ferrari and Elisabetta Palagi describe what they witnessed, referring to it as a type of midwifery.  Bonobos, as the researchers note, are the closest human relatives. And, as has been noted quite often, they are very social—much more so than chimpanzees.  Click here to read the full article:

Little Feminists Puzzles, Playing Cards and Books
Check out these adorable gifts for girls!

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